Learn What Makes Your Glutes Grow

Learn What Makes Your Glutes Grow

Glute strength and power are at the top of most bodybuilders wish list. Many want to achieve their goal of ripped abs, huge biceps, and powerful back muscles. They want to build these muscles quickly but do not know what makes your glutes grow so fast. One of the key aspects of exercising your glutes so that they become stronger is through performing lunges. The purpose of lunges is to work each muscle in your lower body as a separate exercise.

If you are not familiar with how to perform proper lunges than this article will shed some light on it. To perform these glute strengthening workouts it is necessary to understand proper form. Once you have mastered the correct form it is then time to start experimenting with videos of different lunges so you can find the one that works best for you. In this article I will show two videos that have very good glute strengthening qualities.

This first video shows a man performing a regular lunge followed by an Isometric contraction or contracted phase of his squat. The second video shows a woman doing the same lunge but this time performing the exercise with her legs bent. In this second video you will notice the woman’s leg bent closer to her body which increases her ability to contract her glutes during the lunge. Both exercises provide a great starting point because both strengthen the vastus lateralis, or large muscle, which is found in the middle of your thigh and glutes. Now lets look at the movements involved in each lunge.

In the first video the lunges start out very straight. As the exercises continue the lunge knees are bent and the feet are placed further apart. The hip flexors are contracted. This tightens the large muscle and pulls it down into the leg, forming a deep knee lift.

In the second video the woman does a seated stationary lateral lunge, places both feet on the ground and engages her glutes. Again the hip flexors are contracted. The deeper the lunge the more difficult the exercise becomes as the lunges require both extra strength and flexibility to bring the body close to upright.

The third and final video shows a woman doing both the above exercises and a squat. The focus here is to increase the deep knee lift which increases the glute strength. While the lunges are a great way to strengthen the glutes they are also a great way to work the quadriceps and hamstrings. Also in the last few weeks the workouts for the quads have been getting some attention as well.

In the second video the woman does both the lunges and the reverse lunges. Again both of these are effective and difficult. She does however get good use out of doing both of them and has incorporated each into her routine. The reverse lunges are used primarily to tone the quadriceps and hamstrings while the lunges use a greater number of muscle fibers.

If you haven’t tried either of these exercise routines recently then you should really add them into your daily workout. They build muscle fast and are great fat burners at the same time. While the lunges won’t directly help you lose body fat they can assist in building the strength of the legs. The squats will tone the quadriceps while helping to strengthen and tone the hamstrings. These are two very important components of an effective workout.

The third in the series focuses on gluteus medius and psoas major. These muscles are found at the bottom of the thigh. To do the workout simply place a barbell with a plate on the ground under your knees. Next squat down into the lunge position with the barbell under your knees. While keeping your back straight pull the bar up to your chest level and tighten your knees up.

The fourth is a great way to build the glutes. This exercise is a variant of the stationary lateral lunge exercise. You will do the stationary lateral lunge as normal but this time keep your feet on the floor. Next extend your arms out in front of you at shoulder width and lower the weights to the ground slowly. This is a great way to target the quadriceps and hamstrings without using a lot of weight.

Finally the fifth in the series is what makes your glutes grow. To do the sandbag reverse lunge variation of the exercise lift your legs over the top of a box or some type of hurdle. Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Perform the lunge in a natural movement and then return to the starting position.

Learn What Makes Your Glutes Grow

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